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Tecnovap is an International leader in the supply of steam cleaners manufactured in Italy and focusing predominantly on cleaning with steam with equipment catering to the industrial sector.  Tecnovap steam cleaners deliver exceptional results in terms of cleaning, heat production, and volume of the steam produced. 

Dry saturated steam is 100% ecologic and natural and is one of the most efficient methods to remove dirt, remove bad smells, fungus, mites as well as germs and bacteria.  The various accessories and brushes offered with Tecnovap provide maximum results with minimal effort when compared to conventional cleaning methods. 

Steam reduces water and chemical consumption, resulting in a more environmentally friendly option for cleaning with minimal effluent.  The high temperature and power of steam is able to penetrate deep into the fibres and allow easier cleaning and removal of dirt, stains and grime, oily surfaces.

Tecnovap steam cleaners have a wide range of applications and are most commonly used in the food processing, carwash and detailing, hotel, and healthcare industries for general and especially deep cleaning on surfaces.

With Steam, you have unlimited cleaning and sanitizing possibilities.  If you are looking for a powerful, effective, and quality cleaning solution for your industrial business, Tecnovap steam cleaner machines are the perfect choice.  

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