Kranzle offers a range of industrial carpet cleaning machines that significantly improve the cleanliness of both small and large carpeted areas, making the cleaning process more cost-effective and efficient. These carpet cleaners are for the method of spray extraction with their powerful vacuum extractors. 

When selecting a carpet cleaner or upholstery cleaning machine it is important to consider the water lift of the vacuum motors to ensure the removal of water from the fabric or surface being cleaned. The Predator upholstery cleaner is installed with a 40L three-stage motor and a reliable Flo-Jet pump. The usual drum-type machine does not have the water lift that the Kränzle Predator has and does not remove as much water, thereby resulting in extended drying times.

These carpet cleaners assist in cleaning deep within the fibres, aiding in loosening particles within the carpet pile and facilitating the easier removal of stains. Essentially, it simplifies the cleaning process for the user and contributes to preserving the investment in all carpets and upholstery. Regular carpet cleaning enhances the comfort of living spaces and reduces dust accumulation, especially in areas with high foot traffic.

Application areas for these machines are often used in carpet cleaning services, in the hotel industry for cleaning carpets and upholstery and in car washes where an interior valet cleaning of car upholstery is cleaned.

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