The Kränzle cold water high pressure cleaner range consists of commercial and industrial high pressure cleaners, which are different to the domestic range as they make use of bigger motors and components.  The commercial range is from the Kränzle HD 7/122 TS, Kränzle HD 11/130 TS and the Contractor 11/130 TS which is suited to entry-level commercial cleaning applications.

Any electric high pressure cleaner with a motor speed of 2800 r.p.m, is generally not recommended for extended periods of time when used, for example when cleaning roofs and building exteriors.  Machines at this higher running motor speed are normally the case with domestic machines, where they are used for shorter periods of time.

All high pressure cleaners in the commercial and industrial range are equipped with 1400 r.p.m motors and are suitable for continuous use with voltages ranging from 230V to 525V.

The Quadro, Carwash, and Truck wash models are all installed with a buffer water tank equipped with a low-level cut-out.  This is an important feature as it protects the high pressure cleaner from damage in the event of a water supply shortage - insufficient water supply to a high pressure cleaner is the leading cause of damage to all brands of high pressure cleaners. 

We are in a position to manufacture custom-made systems, applications where high pressure pumps can be wall-mounted, mobile, or mounted on frames. 

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