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Kränzle truck wash equipment is designed to provide superior cleaning performance and durability for the washing of trucks, larger vehicles, and production equipment.  These larger vehicles require different equipment - due to the heights of the vehicles that need to be reached and also the level of soiling is thicker and more difficult to remove.  Kränzle high pressure washers and foamers are specifically engineered to handle the unique challenges of cleaning these large surfaces and removing heady-duty soiling. 

Features to consider when choosing a Truck Washing System:

The flow rate of the pressure washer is the amount of water it can deliver per minute.  High volumes of mud and soiling are removed more easily using a high pressure pump with a higher flow rate that moves the dirt along.  

A suggested machine suitable for large-vehicle washing normally uses upwards of 16L per minute and around 200 bar pressure.  This performance is only available in 400V (3-phase) and larger model petrol engine machines.   Although one is able to perform the task with a lower flow rate, one will find it will be less productive as the cleaning power of the water is lost over distance, resulting in the job taking longer and end up using more water.

The Kränzle truck wash equipment requires a higher flow rate as the nozzle of the lance is further away from the surface when cleaning.  The high water output of the pressure washer also facilitates the removal of the muddier soiling found on agricultural, construction and earth-moving equipment.

When choosing which Kränzle high pressure washer to clean your truck fleet, it is important to consider the features of the machine selected.  We always suggest equipment that has a reservoir tank with a low-level cut-out, to protect the pressure washer from insufficient water supply to the machine. The options we can offer in the Kränzle range are available with various flow rates between 16 - 25L per minute and working pressures of 220 to 140 bar respectively.

Multi-pump systems are also available for stations that wish to have numerous operators cleaning at the same time, or alternatively, providing higher water flow rates for specific applications. 

There may be areas or applications resulting in a greasy and oily environment, where we recommend consideration be given to using a hot water high pressure cleaner.  The hot water under pressure helps loosen the grease and oil resulting in a quicker cleaning result. 

Please contact your closest Branch or Dealer for more information or to discuss special applications. 

Kranzle truck wash equipment for truck washing bay

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