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Kränzle is the cleaning solution for your business. We understand that choosing the right equipment is a significant decision for your company or home. It's about more than just purchasing a product, it's about investing in cleaning equipment that can drive efficiency, enhance productivity and contribute to a safer, cleaner workspace.

To help you understand more about our high pressure cleaners and cleaning equipment, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and provided in-depth answers. We believe in complete transparency and customer satisfaction, so don't hesitate to contact us for any further questions or if you need more information.


How do I register and become a customer of Kränzle South Africa?

Click on the register button at the top of the screen. You will be asked for your email address, password and contact phone number. Once you have submitted the registration form you will now be a B2C customer of Kränzle South Africa.

Looking to register your business?

Click on the register button at the top of the screen, once you have landed on the page there will be a button to click "REGISTER HERE", this will direct you to a form, submit your form and we will assess your application to gain access to over 1000+ products. You will receive an email within 24 - 48 hours to create your account.

How do I purchase on

When you have found a product you would like to purchase, click on the add to cart. This will open up your shopping cart, clicking on the  "View Cart" will allow you to review your order and apply a promotion code. This will also allow you to remove products or add products to your cart. Once satisfied with your order click on the proceed to checkout. Here you will be asked if you want to checkout as a guest or to log in, we suggest logging in so that you can access your order information order status and more. In the checkout process, it will prompt you to add your billing and shipping details.

I have lost my password how do I reset it?

Click on the login button at the top of the screen, and at the bottom of the login form click on the "Forgot my password?" this will direct you to a new page where it will ask you for your email address, enter your email address and click on continue. This will send you an email to the email address if it is a valid account on Click on the link in the email and fill in your information.

My personal details have changed. Where can I go to edit my details?

If your personal details change at any moment, click on the account button at the top once you are logged in. Find the applicable section that you would like to change e.g. changing shipping address, email address or your password.


What are the benefits of high pressure cleaners?

High pressure cleaners offer a wide range of benefits that can save time, effort and resources in many different cleaning tasks and industries. Here you can find a few advantages:

  1. Speed and efficiency: High pressure cleaners are designed to clean tough dirt quickly and efficiently. They use less water than traditional hose pipe cleaning and deliver noticeable results, making them a suitable cleaning choice.
  2. Versatility: They can be used for a wide range of applications, including car wash, patio cleaning, driveway cleaning, industrial equipment cleaning, commercial equipment and the cleaning of large vehicles.  They are excellent cleaning tools for many different industries and sectors.
  3. Deep cleaning: High pressure cleaners provide powerful water blasting for cleaning tough dirt and grime. With Kränzle high pressure accessories such as the Kränzle Dirtkiller lances which increase cleaning efficiency by 50%.
  4. Cost-effective: High pressure cleaners can save you money in the long run. They require less water and chemical/detergents than any other traditional cleaning solution.

Why is pressure washing important?

Pressure washing is not only an important aspect of residential maintenance cleaning but also for the commercial and industrial sectors. It helps maintain cleanliness, aesthetics, and hygiene safety in many different business sectors, factories and warehouses. Regular pressure washing can prevent material degradation in many sectors. For business, a clean and well-maintained exterior can also create a positive impression for customers. In industrial, it is vital to maintain clean and safe working conditions for employees and customers and compliance with cleanliness and health standards.

Hot water or cold water high pressure cleaner?

Generally hot water high pressure cleaners offer a quicker cleaning result and greatly facilitate the removal of oily and greasy soiling. The heat dissolves the oils and in the absence of hot water, you would be required to use more chemicals to achieve similar results, which can lead to increased costs. By first removing oils and soiling using hot water and then applying chemicals, it will show considerable savings in chemical consumption.

How important is bar pressure and water flow of high pressure cleaner?

The pressure (measured in bars or psi) is important to "break through: the dirt and the water flow rate of a machine (litres per minute or per hour) "move the dirt along".

Customers often make the mistake of only considering bar pressure when choosing a high pressure cleaner.  However, water flow rate is also important, as a low water flow rate can make cleaning tasks take longer and produce poorer results. 

Are Kränzle high pressure cleaners easy to use?

Yes, our high pressure cleaners are designed with user-friendly features that make them easy to operate even for first-time users. It also comes with a detailed operating manual to guide you through the set-up and operation process.

What support is available after purchasing the high pressure cleaner?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We offer comprehensive customer support and after-sales service to answer any questions you may have and assist with any issues you may encounter.  Whether you need help with set-up, operation, maintenance, or troubleshooting, our technical support team is ready to assist you.

What happens if some of the items are out of stock and I placed an order for it?

Your order will be placed on backorder and some of our high pressure cleaners are manufactured on order. We will make every effort to update you on the processing of your order. From placing an order to receiving your stock it will take no longer than 5-10 business days to arrive.

I need my machine serviced, what do i do?

Contact us and our dedicated service support team will get in contact with you to schedule a service appointment for your high pressure cleaner.  We have a mobile technical support team that can assist you at your location.  You can also bring your machine to our Cape Town branch for service.  The choice is yours.  

Alternatively, use the Repairs and After Sales page to get in contact with us for all your servicing of your high pressure cleaners.

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