Kranzle wine barrel cleaner cleaning wine barrels


Kränzle South Africa is a leading supplier in the wine industry with our locally assembled/ manufactured high pressure cleaners, wine barrel washers, tank warmers and range of electrical steamers.  This range is manufactured locally and we are fortunate to have gained a reputation for quality, reliability, supported by a superb after-sales service.

Our Electra electrically heated high pressure cleaner is manufactured locally and equipped with the reliable Kränzle pump with all models up to 72kW available as a mobile or a wall-mounted option. 

The main benefit of the Electra is the electrical heating after the high pressure pump.  The normal method of heating was always diesel-burner style and this emitted fumes into the area where it was used.  The Electra eliminates this problem as it is a clean heating process and does not have the risk of contamination of the fumes in the wine cellar.  This makes it a preferred option for cleaning in the wine and food processing area where hot water cleaning is required.

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