Tecnovap is a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality steam cleaners with a broad range to suit practically every application.  With more than 37 years of experience, the range has continually evolved and improved thanks to the attention paid to the needs of our clients. 

The heart of a Tecnovap steam cleaner is the boiler which is manufactured using 304 or 316 stainless steel shells joined using the TIG welding technique.  This technique enables Tecnovap to create single-body boilers, without using gaskets and troublesome components that can wear over time.  

A steam cleaner becomes an integral piece of equipment and is equipped for every application, as the steam cleaning machines have a wide range of accessories available.  They are used extensively in the industrial cleaning, healthcare, food processing and hotel and restaurant industries.

In addition to their excellent cleaning abilities, Tecnovap steam cleaners also act as disinfecting machines, making them ideal for cleaning in hospitals, patient rooms, operating theatres, and hospital waiting areas where hygiene is a priority.

Tecnovap steam cleaners are powered by either a 230V or 400V power supply, ensuring that there is a solution for practically any cleaning application where steam is required. 

The range below is purely an indication of some of the models available and each version may have different power ratings and kW heating abilities.  The complete range of steam cleaning machines from Tecnovap can be viewed at www.tecnovap.it 

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