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Kränzle offers a diverse range of cleaning machines, including carpet cleaner machines, upholstery cleaners and vacuum cleaners. They are all designed to achieve outstanding cleaning results. With the Kränzle vacuum cleaner selection, you can find different models for different applications including dry vacuuming and wet and dry vac function. Each unit is equipped with standard tooling for your convenience.

Before using a carpet extraction machine or our upholstery cleaner, it's always advisable to start by vacuuming the surfaces first. This initial step effectively eliminates dust and loose dirt when cleaning any carpet or upholstery - whether it be a large carpeted area, car upholstery or a couch being cleaned. Kränzle carpet and upholstery cleaning machines come equipped with a variety of ergonomic tools, prioritizing operator comfort while still ensuring a great cleaning performance on all fabric types. The three-stage vacuum motors provide powerful suction for effective and efficient cleaning, leaving the surface as dry as possible. 

The Valet dryer is available in 230V and 400V (3-phase) options and is ideal to speed up the drying process of vehicle upholstery and carpets. By blowing heated air into the vehicle through application-specific pipes placed through slightly opened windows, reduces the turnaround time for industrial car washes and valet operators.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although the machines below may be branded with the Kränzle name and logo, only the Kränzle Ventos is manufactured by Kränzle Germany.  The other products are sourced from various suppliers in the interest of offering our customers a complete range in various price bands.

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