Where electrical power is not available, the Kränzle range of petrol pressure washers and diesel-motor powered high pressure cleaners are the solution. The Kränzle range of petrol and diesel-motor powered high pressure cleaners is different in that they are equipped with a 2:1 reduction gearbox. This feature makes the Kränzle high pressure pump run at a slower speed than other brands and therefore, wear on the seals and repair cost is greatly reduced.

All petrol pressure washers are now equipped with a thermal protection valve on the pump head. This valve releases water in the event that a machine is running in bypass and the water in the pump head reaches a temperature higher than 60 degrees. Without this feature, the seals in any high pressure pump would be damaged by the hot water. A Speed-control device is an optional item that can be included to place the motor in idle mode when the gun is released – this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

All standard units are equipped with a 10m double braided high pressure hose, Starlet gun and standard adjustable lance. We are also able to supply the pump portion with hose, gun and lance to customers that already own motors. The Kränzle pump fits perfectly on the very reliable Honda and Yamaha petrol motors. The diesel motor option is supplied with the Yanmar motor and is available supplying 13L per minute at 150 bar.

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