The Kränzle hot water high pressure cleaners offer a quicker cleaning result and greatly facilitate the removal of oily and greasy soiling. Heat dissolves these oils and in the absence of hot water, you would be required to make use of chemicals to achieve a similar result, which can increase costs.

By first removing oils or soiling using hot water and then applying chemicals, this will show considerable savings, as using the hot water high pressure cleaner will remove majority of the soiling. Chemical application is then used effectively and sparingly with less environmental effect on water being put down the drain.

A hot water high pressure cleaner is available, either using electrically heated elements or equipped with a diesel burner coil that heats the water. The hot water high pressure cleaners are available as a mobile or wall-mounted stainless steel cabinet, heating ability ranges from 24kW to 96kW with pressure ratings between 150 to 200 bar supplying high pressure hot water at temperatures from 60 to 120°C.

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