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Kränzle's Car wash equipment is a leading brand equipment in car washing business worldwide offering a wide range that includes high pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, carpet and valet machines, steam cleaners and accessories.  We also provide Truck Wash Equipment for the cleaning of larger vehicles. 

Selecting the right equipment is determined by your car wash site's specifics.  Your product choice will depend greatly on whether you run a smaller operation handling 10 to 20 vehicles daily or running a larger operation washing upwards of 50 - 60 vehicles a day.  

Car wash site key factors for equipment selection:

  • Voltage:  Assess the site's voltage for a 230V (single-phase) or 400V (3-phase) Kranzle high pressure cleaner.
  • Pressure: The average working pressure for car washing is 140 bar as this is more than sufficient to clean and also reduces the possibility of damage to vehicle decals, stickers or trims.  By simply increasing the nozzle size, this reduces the operating pressure while still supplying the water volume from the pressure washer.
  • Mounting: Choose between a wall-mounted or mobile high pressure cleaner.  Wall-mounted units offer security and space-saving advantages, while mobile car wash machines suit varied locations where cleaning is required.  Smaller options are available for mobile car wash operations.
  • Swivel Boom: Consider a swivel boom for full vehicle cleaning access, available in single or double boom options for versatile washing and foaming.
  • Chemical Application:  Determine application methods using Kränzle foam cannons or wall-mount foamers that connects to your compressor and makes use of compressed air to optimise the foam.
  • Accessories: Consider accessories you may need, such as gun holders, hose protectors, hooks etc...
  • Vacuum Cleaners: Select the vacuum cleaners you will be using, paying attention to their size and available plugs.  View our range of vacuum cleaners.
  • Valet Service: If a car valet service is being offered, you will need a Carpet Extractor that can sprays and extracts a shampoo to clean the vehicle's carpets and upholstery.  A Valet Dryer is available in 230V or 400V option and this speeds up the drying process of a vehicles upholstery after valet treatment.


Car Wash Machine: What high pressure cleaner to choose?


We always suggest that you choose a high pressure cleaner equipped with a water tank and a low-level cut-out, as this protects the machine against the leading cause of damage being an insufficient water supply.  Contact a Kränzle consultant for a site visit, a demonstration, and a detailed cost estimate for your car wash equipment.


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Car wash equipment with swivel boom and high pressure cleaner

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