Since Kränzle's introduction to South Africa in 1989, Kränzle has built a reputation as a reliable partner that supplies high-quality high pressure cleaning equipment that Customers expect when investing in capital equipment.  Kränzle Germany is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high pressure cleaning equipment and we are proud to be the South African distributor of Kränzle products.

At Kränzle South Africa, we strive to provide the South African market with globally recognised brands throughout the cleaning industry.  Other than Kränzle, we import cleaning equipment from Cleantecs in Germany, Mosmatic and Moog in Switzerland, and Tecnovap and Iteco in Italy.

The success of Kränzle products is greatly due to the importance attached to the research and development at both Kränzle Germany and our local facility in Cape Town.  The heart of any high pressure cleaner is the high pressure pump, and Kränzle pumps are made completely of forged brass, ensuring top quality and long service life.

With more than 34 years of experience, Kränzle South Africa has evolved into a considerable partner in the supply of pressure washers to the professional and industrial sectors.  Our Cape Town factory gives us the ability to manufacture custom-made systems to meet specific needs set out by customers.  This includes mounting pumps into cabinets or frames, installing centralized systems, and practically any other high pressure application.

Kränzle products are known for their quality, reliability, and performance.  In saying this, we are confident that we are able to supply you with the highest quality high pressure cleaning equipment in South Africa.

Kranzle quadro industrial high pressure cleaner


Kränzle is generally a business where sales are done by Dealers across South Africa and beyond our borders. In the Western Cape, Boland and Garden Route areas, sales are handled directly as we prefer to visit our customers to ensure we give the best solution to meet their needs.

We invite related Companies that would be interested in including the Kränzle range in their product offering to make contact to discuss this further. Contact us to become a Kränzle Authorised Dealer.


Kränzle made a specific decision to concentrate and specialise in the supply of high pressure cleaning equipment and related accessories.  Our production facility in Cape Town gives us the ability to manufacture locally assembled machines that suit the African market.  This furthermore allows us to manufacture custom-made options to suit specific Customer requirements such as centralised cleaning systems and site-specific cleaning solutions.

Striving to create a long-lasting and durable piece of equipment, we prefer, where possible, to use stainless steel when constructing our frames, cabinets and trolleys.  This assures our Customers have equipment that stands up to the normal wet environment and ensures a visually appealing machine that is more resistant to rust and other issues that one finds with powder-coated options. 

At Kränzle, we view the repairs and maintenance of a machine as the most important factor in our whole business and the key to our success is that this is done quickly and properly.  Another important service we offer is the repairs to machines on site by our mobile technicians in the field. 

Visit our Repairs and After Sales Service page for assistance.

Kranzle manufacturing high pressure pump


To remain an ethical and professional Company committed to supplying products and services of the highest standard at a competitive price. We will continue to strive to be a leading supplier in our industry for the mutual benefit of our Customers, Staff and Shareholders alike.

Kranzle quadro industrial high pressure cleaner

We specialise in High Pressure Cleaning Equipment!

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