The Kränzle Barrel Cleaner has been developed with the assistance of experienced winemakers. It allows one-man operation and guarantees a very high grade of cleanliness without doing any damage to the barrels.

Cleaning is most effective when hot/cold water cycles are used and the cleaning time is usually between 3-4 minutes, with a water consumption of approximately 45 litres for a normal cycle.

When using the Kränzle Electra high pressure cleaner it is possible to use a cold/hot water cleaning cycle timing system that activates the functions of switching the motor and elements on a pre-set times by turning a key switch.

Various control features are also available that allow the switching on/off of the high pressure pump from a remote location.

The barrel cleaner has been developed to work together with the Kränzle Electra, Therm and Quadro range of equipment.

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