Kränzle foam cannons and foaming machines are essential tools for any car wash, truck wash, or professional detailer.  At Kränzle South Africa, we supply wall-mounted car wash and truck wash foamers, as well as foam bottle lances which connect to the high pressure gun.  They produce a thick blanket of foam that holds to the surface and lifts away dirt and grime, making it easy to achieve a spotless clean.  

The wall-mounted Kränzle foamers are a popular choice in car washes around South Africa and allows for a space saving, making it ideal for service stations and car wash bays.  The wall-mounted foamers require a compressed air supply, chemical, and water and is adjustable to supply volumes. 

The Kränzle foam bottles that attach to the gun are very easy to use.  Simply fill the bottle with the desired chemical, attach it to your pressure gun, and adjust the dial to control the thickness of the foam.  The twisting of the body of the lance adjusts the ratio of product to water, thereby altering the thickness of the foam created.  The nozzle on the lance allows the user to alternate between a vertical and horizontal spray pattern.


Kranzle foaming cannon for car tyre clean

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