The Kränzle boiler cleaning system was developed with the assistance of experienced operators in the boiler cleaning industry. It allows one man operation and guarantees a very high grade of cleanliness without doing any damage to the boiler cleaning tubes.

Due to the nature of the fuels and the decreasing quality of coal, a coal fired boiler will require more regular cleaning (approximately 2000 hours of operating or less) to maintain a reasonable thermal efficiency of the heat transfer surfaces.

Please note: Soot blowers do not clean the fireside of the boiler. They only remove scale and soot from the second pass tube plate and tube ends.

Maintaining a scheduled cleaning program for boilers is essential to reduce fuel costs, to prevent blockage of the second pass tubes, which will cause overheating of the stoker and low steam pressures.

Because soot has five times the insulating value of asbestos, the heat transfer loss in a dirty boiler rises dramatically as the layer of soot builds up.

Benefits of Kränzle Boiler Cleaning Equipment:

- One-man operation
- Reduction of cleaning time by up to 70%
- Very high grade of cleanliness without damaging boiler tubes
- Low purchase price versus return
- Low maintenance costs
- Minimal Noise
- No dust 

The equipment required for boiler cleaning includes the Kränzle Quadro 800 TST cold water high pressure cleaner, Boiler Cleaning Set with hydro head and pre-rinsing nozzles, a foot valve that allows hands free activation, an extra high pressure hose to feed the pre-rinsing nozzles and hydro head into the boiler tubes, and a Sandblasting Kit.



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