The Kränzle brand has always been known for its industrial high pressure cleaner range, since 1981 it has been a leader in the manufacturing of high pressure pumps forged of special brass. This has continued through the company's standards to the transition into the domestic high pressure washer range that was introduced to the South African market in 2015, where it offers professional quality at a competitive price point.

This range of high pressure cleaners has been found especially useful in the high pressure cleaning of outdoor areas with its quality accessories which have proved to be easy to use and connect to immediately start using the pressure washer. The domestic range high pressure washers have been used for cleaning paving, patios, cleaning your car and even cleaning gutters with the drain cleaning hose.


Car wash pressure washing with Kranzle pressure washer

Vehicle washing


With Kränzle high pressure washers, car washing at home becomes a simple task with the accessories. First start by spraying the car down to loosen any dirt/mud and insects. Attach the Kränzle Foam Bottle D10 effortlessly with the quick connection fitting. Spray a thick foam layer on to the car and allow the debris to loosen. Spray down the vehicle with the standard lance connected to the pressure washer gun.

Kranzle Drain Cleaning


With the Kränzle Drain Cleaning Hose cleaning and unblocking drains becomes a simple yet effortless task. Simply connect the drain cleaning hose to the high pressure gun. Insert the drain cleaning hose into the drain or the gutter, at the activation of the spray gun trigger. The hose will self-feed to clean the pipe or drain being cleaned.

Kranzle Pressure Washer Wall Cleaning


Kränzle High Pressure Cleaners are perfectly suited for cleaning exterior walls around the home. Whether it be to clean down the paint on your home or removal of moss from surfaces. The Kränzle Dirtkiller gets the job done quickly and effortlessly, and increases cleaning power by up to 50%.


Application Area for Pressure Washers

Kranzle makes pressure washing around the home and garden as effective and efficient as possible with a wide range of pressure washer accessories. The well thought out accessories make the cleaners all rounders for cleaning vehicles, patios, decks, exterior walls and garden equipment. View our full range of pressure washer accessories to extend the use of your machine around the home.

Kranzle X-Line Domestic Pressure Washer


Practical and comfortable: After the work the high pressure hose with a foldable crank handle, can be cleanly wound up again in the hose drum which creates a space-saving storage solution.

Kranzle Pressure Washer Compact


The Ideal Union of Form and Function: Not only for the performance features but also in terms of mobility Kränzle has thought about the handling. The devices are easy to transport and thanks to the compact housing shape it is neat and space-saving - preferably where your application is often in demand.


Kranzle Pressure Washer Accessories


No application without a Kränzle: Thanks to a wide range of accessories the powerful high pressure cleaners are equipped in such a way that they will be available for almost every cleaning service in and around the house.


Kranzle D10 Pressure Washer Connection


Sophisticated, fast and reliable: The quick-release plug-in system with hardened stainless steel components ensures a simple and always safe connection of the safety shut-off gun with the lance.

Kranzle Pressure Washing Car


First class and functional: Kränzle high pressure cleaners can also be used for domestic pressure washing who expect only the best cleaning results. High-quality materials of the professional range - forged brass pump head, stainless steel lances and roto-molded chassis that are also used in the domestic model machines.

Kranzle high pressure washer on/off switch


Full control: the automatic addition to turn off the machine using the practical total-stop system via the High Pressure pistol control. In this way, not only is noise reduced during operation, but high pressure cleaners pump is protected at the same time.

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