The accessories below are for the purpose of indicating the various functions that can be performed when attaching them to a high pressure cleaner to increase the versatility of the equipment. Some accessories are designed for a specific size range of machines and we recommend that you contact our call centre for any information on the suitability to be used on your specific machine.

These accessories can be fitted to high pressure cleaners from other manufacturers but some minor changes may be required to be made – suitability must first be established.

High pressure hose

Our double braided hose is of the highest quality and we are proud that we supply a product that is long lasting and durable to suit the hot and cold water under-pressure cleaning application. Too often one finds that because of lower cost, normal hydraulic hose is used in high pressure application. In the industrial application, this is not the correct product for working under pressure especially when combined with heat and could burst causing injury to the operator or staff.

You can be assured that our double steel-braided hose that you have acquired is safer, supplies an extended service life and greatly reduces the cost of repairing incorrect hose-type application.

Starlet high pressure gun

Heavy duty gun of sturdy construction that is fully serviceable.

Car Wash Foaming

Foaming a vehicle to apply the car wash shampoo has always been a popular request from operators as the foam ensures the chemical adheres and remains longer on the surface of the bodywork.



When using a bent lance the pressure of the machine feels stronger than when using a straight lance. The bent lance cause the “kick’ of the machine to be upwards and the person using thinks the machine is stronger – NOT True!!

Dirtkiller and Turbokiller lances

The Dirtkiller/ Turbokiller nozzle is a precision high pressure pencil jet with immensely powerful cleaning effect rotates at high speed cleaning a circular area. It increases the cleaning power by as much as 50% and increases efficiency when compared to standard lances.

Standard Lances

Is available in various lengths and with a standard 15 to 25° spray pattern nozzle.

The Adjustable Nozzle Lance

By turning the nozzle body of the lance it opens the spray holes and chemical is injected under low pressure.

The Vario-Jet Lance

Allows the easy changing from a needle-point jet, to a flat jet and by pulling the nozzle forward one obtains chemical injection under low pressure.

Hose Connector

The brass hose connector is used to connect two Kränzle hoses together when needing to extend your working area – M22 on both sides.

Combi-Nozzle Lance

The Combi-nozzle lance allows the operator to change from the high pressure lance to the foaming lance without needing to remove the one or the other.

Foaming lance

Manufactured from stainless steel and when used in conjunction with our chemical under high pressure injector, creates foam for cleaning of work surfaces, kitchens, food factories, vehicles, trucks etc…

Sandblasting Lance

The sandblasting process is a dust-free application that uses the water under pressure to propel the sand. The sandblasting lance is suitable to use with a water flow of between 10 to 19L/minute and for blasting using material from 0.2 to 2mm grain size. Please ensure the material used is dry and free flowing.

Foaming Bottle

The Kränzle Foaming bottle allows for adjustable foaming of chemicals and can be used with high pressure cleaners with a maximum water flow/pressure of 12l per minute and 250 bar and temperature not exceeding 80°C. Available in 1l capacity bottle.

Hose Reel Trolley

The stainless steel hose reel trolley allows easy movement of longer lengths of hose and eliminates the need to carry “over the shoulder” when moving from one area to the other. The hose reel is a live connection hose reel and can hold up to 32m of Kränzle double braided high pressure hose.

Boiler Cleaning Kit

The boiler cleaning kit is supplied in a carry case and is equipped with different sizes of pre-rinsing nozzles and Hydro-head with various sized cutters to suit the most popular boiler cleaning tubes.

Foot Switch

Foot valve connected to the machine allows hands free activation of the high pressure cleaner where the operator requires the use of both hands to perform a complimentary task. This is popular when cleaning of boilers, drain or pipe cleaning using the drain cleaning attachment, drums etc….

Stainless steel round cleaners

A round floor cleaner with rotating nozzles under the stainless steel guard reduces spray-up from the floor during the cleaning process. This feature means that it can be used in food processing areas as it greatly eliminates the dirt that is removed, from being sprayed up on other areas above the floor.

It can be used with all our machines up to a pressure of to 250 bar, flow rate of between 12 – 19L (depending on model) and temperature up to 60ºC They are currently available in a 300mm and 420mm option

UFO Round cleaner

A round cleaner suited more for the smaller machine with water flow rates between 10 to 12L per minute and maximum pressure of 180 bar.

Suction hose with filter

The suction hose is supplied with our range of petrol and diesel motor driven units where the quality of the water source is unknown. The unit is supplied with a 3m pipe and intake filter and can also be used with any of our machines that are self-priming.

Sludge sucker

The sludge sucker uses the pressure from the machine to create a suction effect for the pumping out of any body of water. The maximum outlet hose length, that can be used, is 6m. It is a very cheap alternative for pumping volumes of water or liquid matter up to 16000 L per hour.

Due to the nature of the mechanism of suction it can be used to suck practically any type of liquid and has no working parts that require maintenance. It can also be used to refill a mobile tank that supplies the pressure cleaner from a source such as a reservoir or dam.

Spray Guard

The sandblaster set is supplied complete with sandblasting unit, hose and suction pipe for the removal of paint, rust etc… from surfaces such as steel and galvanized iron. The simple attachment to your high pressure cleaner enables even a novice to perform this task, usually only done by specialized contractors. We recommend that eye protection be worn by operators.

Rotating Brush

The rotating brush combines the water flow and a rotating brush action for scrubbing down walls, roller shutter doors and any uneven surface.

Pipe and drain cleaner

The pipe cleaning hose with nozzle is supplied in lengths of 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m and is for connecting to your machine and cleaning the inside of pipes, down-pipes or drains.

Underbody Lance

The Kränzle Underfloor lance greatly facilitates the cleaning of the under-carriage of a vehicle to remove mud and soiling. This is an area that is sometimes neglected due to the difficulty of the cleaning task when using standard straight lances. It is also suitable for cleaning under tanks or any area that has a surface close to a floor.

Lance extensions

Lance extensions are available in 400mm and 1000mm length to extend the cleaning task to areas that may be out of reach. We could manufacture any specific length that you may require – consider the implication of the length and ease of operation for the operator.

Water filter

Our Kränzle water intake filter is available as an optional extra to be placed on the inlet water line prior to the water doing into the machine. It ensures that particulates are filtered from the water source.

Lance holders – wall and floor

Our lance holder is manufactured from stainless steel with wall mounting brackets and ideally should be placed high enough off the floor surface to ensure storage of the lance with damage being caused to the nozzle by the floor surface. The lance holder was especially designed for the car and truck wash applications where lance where traditionally left on the floor.

The lance holder ensures that guns and lances are out of the way from damage by being driven over or even just the action of being dropped or placed on the floor for storage during normal working.

Chemical injector

The low pressure detergent injector utilizes a “venturi” to suck detergent from the container for application of detergent or sanitizer onto the surface being cleaned. The action of turning our lance to low pressure or pulling out the Variojet nozzle reduces the pressure between the pump and lance, thus allowing detergent to be drawn into the system.

The detergent is sucked in after the high pressure pump, thus eliminating any possible damage to the pump or inner working parts by corrosive chemicals. Please note that the inner Kränzle parts are brass and may corrode if aggressive chemicals are used.

Wall mounted hose reel

Designed for easy storage of hose reel especially with wall mounted units where a standard hose reel is not fitted to the machine.

Retractable hose reel

A retractable hose reel that is wall mounted that automatically rolls up the high pressure hose.