Wine Barrel and Cellar

The Kranzle range of high pressure cleaners, barrel washer, tank warmer and steamer is very much the preferred brand to the wine cellars after gaining a reputation of quality, reliability and good after-sales service.

Cellar cleaning

The Kranzle Electra is a hot and cold water high pressure cleaner that uses electrical elements to heat the water that shows considerable savings in cost. When compared to diesel heated systems it shows savings of up to 80% on maintenance costs and the clean nature of heating makes the Electra especially suited where contamination of product is sensitive.

Especially the larger wine cellars make use of the wall-mounted stationary version together with stainless steel piping and take-off points to key areas in the cellar.
This option allows hot water to be freely available in all areas without the need to move the equipment around the production areas.

Our experienced sales and technical staff will gladly visit your cellar for a “no obligation” visit to assist and recommend on the various options available.

Why use a hot water high pressure cleaner?

A hot water high pressure cleaner offers a quicker cleaning result and greatly facilitates the removal of oily and greasy soiling.

Heat dissolves these oils and in the absence of hot water, you would be required to make use of a chemical to achieve a similar action and this can lead to increased cost.

By first removing oils or soiling using hot water and then applying the chemical will show considerable savings as you have used heated water to remove the majority of the soiling. Chemical application is then used effectively and sparingly with less environmental effect on the water being put down the drain.

A hot water high pressure cleaner is available, either using electrically heated elements or equipped with a diesel burner coil that heats the water.

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Kränzle South Africa revolutionised the high pressure industry with the introduction of the Kränzle Electra electrically heated high pressure cleaner. By heating water after the pump, it eliminates cavitation, which is a problem experienced with electrically heated units that heat water before the pump.

Available as a mobile or a wall mounted stainless steel cabinet as shown, heating ability ranges from 24 up to 96kW with pressure ratings between 150 to 200 bar supplying high pressure hot water at temperatures from 60 to 120°C.

By using electrical elements to heat the water, it has shown considerable savings in cost to heat the water and up to 80% saving on maintenance costs when compared to diesel heated systems.

A there are no fumes as one finds with fuel-heated machines, this makes the Electra especially suited for indoor use, in food preparation plants, wine cellars and where contamination of product or staff is sensitive.
The wall mounted version is the preferred option in food factories and plants as it eliminates the need to move machines and hoses across the production floor. This is an important benefit with regards occupational health and safety and the lockable cabinet eliminates potential tampering with controls and settings.

Stainless steel piping is installed and take-off points at strategic cleaning areas allows cleaning at the pull of the trigger.

inside panel
electra mobile


The Kränzle Therm hot water high pressure cleaners use a diesel burner to heat the water passing through the coil. A number of technical innovations from Kränzle contribute towards reliable operation, the safety of the equipment and not least towards operating and servicing.

The Kränzle Therm is available in various models with the most popular being the models mentioned below. The stainless steel option is assembled locally and has proven to be a popular choice for the South African working conditions. Please contact us if you require higher water output and heating ability.

Barrel cleaning

The Kränzle Barrel Cleaner has been developed with the assistance of experienced winemakers. It allows one-man operation and guarantees and very high grade of cleanliness without doing any damage to the barrels.

Cleaning is most effective when hot/ cold water cycles are used and the cleaning time is usually between 3 – 4 minutes, with a water consumption of approximately 45 litres for a normal cycle.

When using the Kränzle Electra it is possible to include a cold/ hot water cleaning cycle timing system that activates the functions of switching the motor and elements on a pre-set times by turning a key switch.

Various control features are also available that allow the switching on/ off of the high pressure pump from a remote location.

The Barrel Cleaner has been developed to work together with the Kränzle Electra, Therm and the Quadro range of equipment

Barrel Cleaning step 1
Barrel Cleaning step 3

Double Barrel Cleaning System

There are wine cellars with higher barrel cleaning requirements and these have preferred using the Kränzle Double Barrel cleaner where cleaning is done with barrels on the cradle.
Equipped with two cleaning bays, the unit cleans two barrels mounted on one cradle during which the forklift operator can off-load and load the next cradle with barrels onto the other cleaning bay.

The Kranzle Double Barrel Cleaning System is currently used in a number of South African wine cellars with the largest cellar cleaning up to 24 000 barrels per year.

Normally supplied with two Electra 48kW high pressure cleaners, it is equipped with an operator control panel, adjustable wash-period timers, pneumatic lifting of the cradles as well as rollers to allow rolling of the barrels without marking or causing damage.

Barrel cleaning image
Double Barrel Cleaning
Double Barrel Cleaning2
Double Barrel Cleaning3
Steamer Images3
Steamer Images2


The Kränzle Steamer is a low pressure steamer that uses electrical elements and is especially suited for the steaming of wine barrels, smaller sized tanks, filters and bottling lines and the strict rules governing the control of effluent water originating from a plant, makes the steamer an attractive option for consideration.

It supplies continuous steam thereby effectively increasing the kill ratio and lethal dose on bacteria and mould and shows an impressive financial saving on waste water treatment and chemical usage.

The major benefit of using steam is the rate at which the heat is transferred or absorbed by the treated surface and allows for an instant transfer of heat to all surfaces that are touched.

There are 4 main applications of steam in the wine and food processing industry:

  • Steaming of the bottling/filling line
  • Barrel or drum steaming after washing
  • Assists in the hydration of new wine barrels
  • Sanitizing tanks and removing tartrates

PLEASE NOTE: Although the Steamer is branded with the Kränzle name and logo, it is manufactured by Kränzle South Africa and does not form part of the Kränzle Germany brand.

Steamer Images5
Steamer Images4
Barrel Cleaner
Wine Barrel2
Wine Barrel3

Wine Tank Warmer

The Kränzle Tank warmer is connected to the jackets or cooling plates of a tank and the glycol or water is circulated and warmed to the set temperature which in turn, warms the tank contents.

The process of warming wine up to temperatures required for either bottling or malolactic fermentation has generally been performed by isolating the tank from the cooling system and allowing the ambient temperature in the cellar to warm up the tank.
In the cheese industry, the tank warmer assists in keeping the milk at the temperature during fermentation and also after the curd is cut, the heating helps to separate the whey from the curd.

Different control features are available that allow the switching on/ off of the unit when desired temperatures are reached.