The Kränzle Steamer is a low pressure steamer that uses electrical elements and is especially suited for the steaming of wine barrels, smaller sized tanks, filters and bottling lines and the strict rules governing the control of effluent water originating from a plant, makes the steamer an attractive option for consideration.

It supplies continuous steam thereby effectively increasing the kill ratio and lethal dose on bacteria and mould and shows an impressive financial saving on waste water treatment and chemical usage.

The major benefit of using steam is the rate at which the heat is transferred or absorbed by the treated surface and allows for an instant transfer of heat to all surfaces that are touched.

There are 4 main applications of steam in the wine and food processing industry:

  • Steaming of the bottling/filling line
  • Barrel or drum steaming after washing
  • Assists in the hydration of new wine barrels
  • Sanitizing tanks and removing tartrates

PLEASE NOTE: Although the Steamer is branded with the Kränzle name and logo, it is manufactured by Kränzle South Africa and does not form part of the Kränzle Germany brand.

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