The rising popularity of single brush wash systems, enables small to medium fleet owners to clean large vehicles in a fraction of the time. With the ever increasing cost of labour and water, productive ways are being sought to decrease these and especially to realise a short turn-around of vehicles in the wash bay.

The substantial cost and investment of a large automated wash system has greatly driven the rising popularity of single brush truck wash systems. Single brush truck wash systems are a quick and efficient way to wash trucks when compared to hand washing that can take up to an hour per truck. This can be reduced down to 10 minutes using a single brush system which is also very economically priced.

Kranzle South Africa offers the extensive range of single brush manual
and automated truck wash systems from Italian manufacturer Iteco S.r.l.


Tethered Single Brush Wash System

The Iteco 50E is the simplest, yet robust, solution for washing trucks and buses and is an ideal installation if you have a covered wash bay. The festoon system manages the water supply hose and power cable tethered to the machine thereby freeing up the floor area to ensure free movement of the unit.


  • Electrically driven brush
  • Overhead festoon to manage connections
  • Light but strong aluminium frame
  • Easily operated by one person


Mobile Truck and Bus Wash

The Iteco Truck Wash D500 is the most popular system accounting for more than 65% of the company's total sales with the diesel engine option being preferred. The unit is capable of effortlessly washing trucks in under 10 minutes and comes with a variety of power source options including: a Honda 6.5hp petrol engine, a Kohler 7.5hp diesel engine with electric motor, or battery powered. It is available as a walk-behind unit, fitted with a standing ride-on platform or a further attachment to allow the operator a seating option.


  • Automatic chemical dispensing
  • High pressure lance for spot cleaning
  • Twin wheels for greater stability
  • A silencer unit for the diesel engine


Three brush roll over

The body made of hot dip galvanized steel, consists of four columns fixed at the bottom and connected at the top by crossbeams on which the vertical brushes trolleys are assembled. Into the main columns, suitably dimensioned, the steel guide rails for the trolley of horizontal brush are fixed, as well as the electric panel and the chemicals tanks cabinet.

This system independently executes the cleaning program. Once the vehicle being washed is positioned on the installation platform, Omega Wash S3 fully and independently washes the outside of the vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

Is detergent necessary?

The use of a detergent does not only address the cleaning of the surfacebut also the lubrication of the brush. To ensure a uniform clean and a long lasting brush, it is important that the brush is lubricated with detergent when using a single brush system. The surface of the vehicle should feel ‘soapy’ and there is no need for a high-foam. If the unit is properly calibrated the majority of owners report that they use less detergent than when manual washing.

Is the type of brush filament important?

It is important to have brush filaments that last and the Iteco systems make used of the world leading Favagrossa vehicle cleaning brushes that are gentler on vehicles and long lasting. A strong brush combined with proper brush lubrication helps ensure many years of trouble-free use.

Serviceability and backup

We deliver our systems with technical training for on-site staff and ensure that we’re available to offer support and parts if or when you need them.

Battery or Diesel?

There are a range of options but battery and diesel are most popular. Diesel powered units are surprisingly quiet and extremely reliable with the supply of diesel normally being available on site. One simply fills up with diesel and it keeps going. Battery units are basically silent and ideal for open plan indoor bus/truck washing but you need to ensure your staff will be disciplined in charging the batteries. The use of a battery system does have the limitation of working time before having to re-charge batteries.

Does the unit give a thorough final rinse?

This important part of any quality wash system is a balancing act of sufficient flow to get rid of any sediment left behind by the cleaning process, but also minimising flow to keep overall water consumption to a minimum.

Our systems ensure that this is well calibrated – flushing away any sediment and leaving a shining vehicle without wasting water unnecessarily.

Why must the brush tilt?

In order to contour to the shape of vehicles and accommodate for uneven wash bay floors, it is important to be able to incline or tilt the brush of a single brush wash system.


It is easy to get a compromised system with a spinning brush that looks like it will do the job but experience has proven otherwise. When you consider a single brush vehicle wash system, it is important to ensure that the unit will work in your wash bay as slightly uneven surfaces can trip up basic systems. The Iteco 500 series single brush units work on very uneven ground.

What are the important points to consider?

It is important that any single brush wash system you consider is easy
for staff to operate and includes the following:

  • Comfortable position facing the brush so they can manage wash speed suitably
  • Integrated torque bypass to allow the brush to slow/stop if they drive to hard into the vehicle
  • Comfortable easy touch controls that can be operated all day without fatigue

Why is the Easywash 500 the recommended option?

The 500-series Iteco systems has overcome all the limitations of other brush machines:

The fixed idle wheels ensure the machine stays exactly where you put it during cleaning.

The large drive wheel at one end means the machine gets traction even on uneven surfaces.

Large base means the machine is very stable.

The Easy Wash 500 are single brush mobile truck wash systems that provide full mobility for flexible washing of buses and flat-sided trucks within limited spaces.

The steering drawbar and variable speed hydraulic drive wheel, the Easy Wash 500 is easy to manoeuvre and control.

Its pressure relief valve prevents overloading of machine and reduces the effect when putting undue stress on vehicle surfaces.

To wash a bus or truck unit in just six minutes the potential savings are huge in terms of vehicle downtime, staff time, and water.

The system can show savings in water consumption using just 40% of the water requirements compared to a pressure washing system.


Iteco Easy Wash 50E

Iteco Truck Wash Series

Truck Wash D500

Truck Wash D500

Omega Wash I440 S3