Centralised Systems

It is rare that cleaning is done across a factory or plant at exactly the same time in all the different process area.  Over the last 15 years we have seen a growing trend in customers wanting wall mounted units and in some cases centralised pump rooms where the equipment is completely away from the area it is being used.

This can entail a few different options and it numerous benefits:

  • One major benefit is that it reduces the risk of tripping and clears up the working area from hosepipes, high pressure hose and cables – a major OHS benefit.
  • The noise emitted by the machine, although below legal levels, can be an annoying for workers if within the confines of a closed area.
  • The system would usually be a single pump cabinet supplying hot or cold water mounted against a wall. Stainless steel piping is installed from the machine to various key points where cleaning is required but with one condition – only one operator can use the machine at a time.
  • The system requires the operator to pick up the gun at the take-off point and open the bar-stock tap on the pipe-line – if the machine is in stand-by mode, it will automatically activate when the trigger of the gun is pulled.
  • Remotes are an option we offer when distances to the pump are great in order to activate a pump or heating elements from the cleaning point.
  • Another benefit is that one factory can have one machine that supplies various places without the need to move and connect a machine.

NOTE: Should more than one operator be required, it would entail then installing a multiple pump system with different piping to different areas.

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