Kränzle Electra 36kW

Operating Pressure: 30-180 bar
Water Output: 10 l/minute (600 l/h)
Hot Water output Temp: 60°C
Motor Speed: 1400 r.p.m.
Voltage: 400V, 50hz



Available as a mobile or a wall mounted stainless steel cabinet as shown, heating ability ranges from 24 up to 96kW with pressure ratings between 150 to 200 bar supplying high pressure hot water at temperatures from 60 to 120°C.

As one finds with fuel-heated machines, there are no fumes which makes the Electra especially suited for indoor use, in food preparation plants, wine cellars and where contamination of product or staff is sensitive.

The wall mounted version is the preferred option in food factories and plants as it eliminates the need to move machines and hoses across the production floor. This is an important benefit with regards occupational health and safety and the lockable cabinet eliminates potential tampering with controls and settings.


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