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All products - Home and Garden

Home and garden

The Kränzle 1050 is the solution to clean the 4×4, bakkie, mountain bike, quad- or motor-bike as well as cleaning around the home.

All products - Cold Water

Cold Water

There is a Kränzle cold water pressure washer for every application and selection depends on the task to be performed.

Why us

Hot water

A hot water high pressure cleaner offers a quicker cleaning result and greatly facilitates the removal of oily and greasy soiling.

All products - Petrol and Diesel

Petrol/Diesel motor

Where electrical power is not available, the Kränzle range of petrol- and diesel-motor powered high pressure cleaners are the solution.

All products - Car Wash

Car Wash

The complete range of Kränzle professional equipment for the Car Wash industry has proven to be superior, reliable and long-lasting.

All products - Truck Wash

Truck Wash

The cleaning of trucks is different that it requires machines with higher water volumes and the Kränzle Truck Wash meets these demands.

All products - Wine and barrel


Our steamer is especially suited for steaming wine barrels and bottling lines and producers not equipped with boilers.

All products - Accessories


Accessories to the Kränzle pressure washer range broaden the application possibilities e.g. sand blasting and drain cleaning.