Truck Wash


The cleaning of trucks and larger vehicles requires different equipment than what is used for conventional small vehicle or car cleaning. The machines require a higher flow rate as the nozzle of the lance is further away from the truck, lorry or earthmoving equipment when cleaning. The higher water output of the machine also facilitates the removal of the muddier soiling found on the agricultural, construction and earth moving equipment.

Important features of this range of equipment are that they are all equipped with a reservoir tank with low level cut-out that protects the machine from an insufficient water supply. The wall-mounted units are available with the various water flow and working pressures as indicated on the mobile versions below. Multiple pump systems are also available for cleaning required at different points at the same time as well as higher water flow rates for specific application.
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Any of the above machines are available in a Kränzle Stainless steel wall-mounted cabinet.

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Accessories for Truck Washing

Stainless steel piping
Wall mounted hose reel

Why use a hot water high pressure cleaner?

A hot water high pressure cleaner offers a quicker cleaning result and greatly facilitates the removal of oily and greasy soiling.

Heat dissolves these oils and in the absence of hot water, you would be required to make use of a chemical to achieve a similar action and this can lead to increased cost.

By first removing oils or soiling using hot water and then applying the chemical will show considerable savings as you have used heated water to remove the majority of the soiling. Chemical application is then used effectively and sparingly with less environmental effect on the water being put down the drain.

A hot water high pressure cleaner is available, either using electrically heated elements or equipped with a diesel burner coil that heats the water.

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Kränzle South Africa revolutionised the high pressure industry with the introduction of the Kränzle Electra electrically heated high pressure cleaner. By heating water after the pump, it eliminates cavitation, which is a problem experienced with electrically heated units that heat water before the pump.

Available as a mobile or a wall mounted stainless steel cabinet as shown, heating ability ranges from 24 up to 96kW with pressure ratings between 150 to 200 bar supplying high pressure hot water at temperatures from 60 to 120°C.

By using electrical elements to heat the water, it has shown considerable savings in cost to heat the water and up to 80% saving on maintenance costs when compared to diesel heated systems.

A there are no fumes as one finds with fuel-heated machines, this makes the Electra especially suited for indoor use, in food preparation plants, wine cellars and where contamination of product or staff is sensitive.
The wall mounted version is the preferred option in food factories and plants as it eliminates the need to move machines and hoses across the production floor. This is an important benefit with regards occupational health and safety and the lockable cabinet eliminates potential tampering with controls and settings.

Stainless steel piping is installed and take-off points at strategic cleaning areas allows cleaning at the pull of the trigger.

inside panel
electra mobile


The Kränzle Therm hot water high pressure cleaners use a diesel burner to heat the water passing through the coil. A number of technical innovations from Kränzle contribute towards reliable operation, the safety of the equipment and not least towards operating and servicing.

The Kränzle Therm is available in various models with the most popular being the models mentioned below. The stainless steel option is assembled locally and has proven to be a popular choice for the South African working conditions. Please contact us if you require higher water output and heating ability.


There are customers that have existing cold water high pressure cleaners and find that certain tasks are more effective when using hot water.  Instead of needing to purchase a new hot water machine, the Kränzle Hotbox is an “add-on” diesel burner that only requires a 230V power supply.  The Kränzle Hotbox is assembled locally using a Kränzle coil and can be connected to any cold water high pressure cleaner thereby converting it into a hot water machine.