Cold Water

Hobby or domestic machines

Hobby or domestic machines are in a certain price group and usually have a lower water flow than industrial machines. The smaller motor and components all play a role in of making a more affordable machine to suit the consumers spend on a machine for home use.
The machines are normally powered by a high speed motor (typically 2 800 r.p.m) compared to a 4-pole motor (1450 r.p.m) in their industrial counterparts.
They are not intended to be used for extended periods of continuous use i.e. hours on end and not for commercial or industrial application.

There is a Kränzle cold water pressure washer for every application and the selection depends on the task to be performed but can be grouped into 3 categories.

Light-Commercial machines

This range of machines are different to the domestic machines as they make use of bigger motors and components are simply smaller versions of the larger industrial machines.  They are suited for application from domestic to entry level commercial application and again not recommended for extended periods of time.

Industrial machines

All machines in this range are equipped with motors in the 1450 r.p.m. category and are suitable for continuous use with voltages ranging in 230V, 400V and also 525V.

The Quadro range of machines all include a buffer water tank equipped with a low-level cut-out.

This feature is important as it protects the machine in the event of a water supply shortage to the high pressure machine – insufficient water supply to a machine is the leading cause of damage to ALL brands of high pressure cleaners.

The pumps in this class are also available in wall-mounted cabinets, frames or in custom-made systems specifically designed to suit your particular application.

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