Car Wash

Starting – Which Machine To Choose

Your Kränzle consultant will gladly come to site and, under no obligation, give you a detailed cost estimate of the various options.

We would always recommend in a commercial car wash application to select a wall mounted machine as the benefits do out-weigh the use of a mobile machine.

Understandably in some cases, mobile machines are the first choice when the capital outlay is the primary motive and the customer wishes to keep costs as low as possible.
Other factors affecting the decision are if the equipment is safe after hours and if it must be moved to a storage area, or moved distances while in use.
The voltage supply at the site will decide if you require a 230V or 400V (3-phase) machine

We always recommend that customers select a machine that is equipped with a water tank and low level cut-out as this protects the machine against the leading cause of damage – insufficient water supply.

It is always suggested that the pressure of the machine be reduced to around 140 bar to reduce the possibility of damage to stickers and trims. This is done by replacing a nozzle with a larger nozzle size instead of reducing the pressure on the machine.


Wall mounted machines

All our Kränzle cabinets are made from stainless steel due to the nature of the areas where the machine is working – Other than looking very professional and standing up to the wet environment, it ensures that your equipment stays looking good for longer.
Although a slightly more expensive option we decided to continue this custom as paint coated steel cabinets simply don’t stand up to the corrosion in coastal areas and also where water is being used.

The Kränzle car wash unit is assembled using either a Kränzle 599 (220V) or Kränzle 799 (400V) pump and is supplied in a stainless steel wall-mounted cabinet. Important features are the reservoir tank with low level cut-out, the lockable cabinet and motor voltage protection. All the pumps are equipped with a total-stop function that switches the machine off when the trigger of the gun is released.

Mobile options

Swivel booms

The use of a swivel boom is mounted in the middle above the area where the car will be washed to allow the operator 360° free movement around the vehicle being cleaned.

It is available in a single and double boom option, the latter allows the use of a separate gun that is dedicated to e.g. foaming and eliminates the need to remove and change lances when alternating between washing and foaming.

Swivel booms eliminates hose being dragged along the floor, increases efficiency and reduces potential damage to vehicle mud flaps, mirrors etc… by hose hooking onto a side-mirror or fender of the vehicle.
If mounting of the boom is not possible on the roof above the vehicle or there is a solid attachment surface available, another alternative is a side-wall mount.

These booms are manufactured in stainless steel at our Cape Town factory makes this more affordable than some imported versions and is suitable for use on all high pressure cleaners.

Bottle foamer

The Kränzle bottle foamer is an affordable option for the entry-level operator and fits onto the standard Starlet gun and gives an impressive result.

Car Wash Foaming

Foaming a vehicle to apply the car wash shampoo has always been a popular request from operators as the foam ensures the chemical adheres and remains longer on the surface of the bodywork.


Vacuum cleaning

Good carpet care protects your investment as dust in a carpet acts as little knives that cut and permanently damage the pile of the carpet. It makes sense to ensure you have a good vacuum system with high air flow as this will greatly increase the removal and reduce this damage.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although the machines below are branded with the Kränzle name and logo, only the Kranzle Ventos is manufactured by Kränzle Germany.  The other products are sourced from various suppliers in the interest of offering a complete range to our customers.

Carpet and Valet

When selecting a valet machine it is important to consider the water lift of the vacuum motors to ensure the removal of water from the fabric or surface being cleaned.
The Predator is a double motor carpet extractor with a capacity of 40L with three stage motors and equipped with the very reliable Flojet pump.
The usual drum-type units do not have the water-lift that the Kränzle Predator has and do not remove as much water, thereby resulting in extended drying times.

The Sniper is a single motor carpet extractor with a capacity of 20L especially suited for the smaller operator where valet is not a daily occurrence but also equipped with a Flojet pump and and single three-stage motor.

Valet dryer

Once a vehicle has been through the valet process, time and during winter may not allow the outside ambient temperature to dry the interior of the vehicle quickly enough. For this purpose we supply a valet dryer that consists of a blower, heater and two hoses that are inserted through the car windows. This heating of the interior greatly reduces the drying period.

Tecnovap Steam Generators

The steam allows you to neutralize bad smells, fight bacteria and mites, remove stains and halos and sanitize the passenger compartment in a completely natural way. Steam cleaning allows a limited use of water whose savings are estimated at around 90% less than traditional cleaning systems and do not require the use of chemicals.

All these advantages determine the success of this application and a considerable increase in customer demand for this new cleaning method compared to those traditionally found in car washes.


The accessories below are for the purpose of indicating the various functions that can be done when attaching them to a high pressure cleaner to increase the versatility of the equipment. Please note some accessories are designed for a specific size range of machines and we recommend that you contact our call centre for any information on the suitability for your specific machine.

These accessories can be fitted to high pressure cleaners from other manufacturers; suitability must first be established

Due to our ability to custom manufacture options for Car Wash operations, we are requested to supply non-standard options of equipment.  Here are some examples of what we have made in the past.

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Car Wash
Car Wash2
Car Wash3
Car Wash6
Car Wash4
Car Wash5
Car Wash8
Car Wash9
Car Wash7
Car wash10